Think of Dubai, and all the things that come to your mind are skyscrapers, a large desert, diverse cultures, and luxurious life. This city is a blend of old traditions and new glamour. It attracts the tourist like a magnet. Whether it's the mega malls, Burj Khalifa, or the architectural wonders, you can experience a whole bunch of entertainment in Dubai. 

One moment you could be enjoying the desert safari in Dubai while the next witnessing the breathtaking view of the whole of Dubai at the top of the Burj Khalifa. However, it doesn't stop here; surprisingly, one can also enjoy sunbathing on the beautiful Palm Island of Dubai. Moreover, if you lov

So, if you are considering Dubai as your holiday destination, then make sure you plan your visit properly. We have done all the necessary research for you and gathered information regarding the best days to go to Dubai in 2023. Take a look at this article so that you pick the correct month and enjoy your favorite adventure. 

Best days to visit Dubai

Dubai is full of adventures; however, in a matter of best days, it highly depends on what you are planning to do in Dubai. If seeing and witnessing beautiful sights is on your mind, then November and December are the best. As you know, Dubai has hot weather throughout the year and is either hot or hotter and nothing in between. 

In November and early December, the temperature during the daytime is average. So, you can go and admire the beauty of the city. However, the weather in July and August is scorching hot. 

Furthermore, suppose you are visiting Dubai to be on the top of the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. In that case, it is recommended to visit this skyscraper in summer so you can avoid the crowd of tourists and never-ending lines. If you are planning to visit this gigantic beauty in winter, then book your tickets in advance because this place is mostly crowded in the winter months. 

Dubai is Asia's top shopping hub. From international brands to local markets, Dubai has something for everyone. It is heaven for shopaholics; one can get quality products at affordable prices at Dubai’s souks or indulge in luxury brands. In January, the famous Dubai Shopping Festival is also held and is considered by tourists the best month to visit Dubai. At the festival, you can get everything from clothes to electronics at insanely low prices. While Dubai Summer Surprises in mid-July also offer discounts on different items. 

Desert Safari Dubai is the most thrilling experience you can enjoy in Dubai. As Dubai is blessed with endless desert, you can indulge yourself in quad biking, dune buggy Dubai, camel riding, or enjoy Arabian food with entertaining belly dance performances. However, the best time for Desert safari and dune buggy riding in Dubai is between November and March, as the weather is less hot. 

Likewise, if the clear water, blue sky, and soothing warmth of the sun come to your mind, then Dubai has something to offer you. The beautiful beaches where you can go surfing, take sunbath and take a long walk with your family and friends. To enjoy the beach to the fullest, April and May are the best options because the weather is moderate. However, in winter, the water is chilling, while in summer, the scorching heat makes the sand hot. 

Dubai weather and best time to visit

There is not much variation in the weather in Dubai over the months. The best time to visit this city is during the winter months, like between November and April. There is heavy tourist traffic during these months. 

Winter in Dubai (November-March)

The temperature during this season could be upto 30 degrees. The weather is pleasant and perfect for most outdoor activities. The shopping festival also comes in this period. This is the period Dubai is crowded with tourists. Meanwhile, the hotel rates are high so make sure you book in advance to avoid any inconvenience. 

Furthermore, this time period is full of events like the International Film Festival, Art shows, Golf tournaments, horse racing, and many more. In these months, you can explore the city and visit the iconic locations. Enjoy the outdoor activities in the desert, like dune buggy riding and camel riding. 

Summer in Dubai (June-August)

The temperature during these months reaches upto 42 degrees. The sandstorms, humidity, and scorching heat make it difficult to move around. Outdoor activities are limited. However, the malls and the other buildings are air-conditioned and allow you to spend your time inside comfortably. At the same time, shopaholic people can enjoy the amazing offers of the Dubai Shopping festival.

Less number of tourists visit Dubai in these months, that's why the hotel rates are low and offer good deals on accommodation and food. You can go to theme parks and waterparks and can also enjoy yourself on the beach. So if you have a low budget, then this is the best season to visit and enjoy. 

Dubai in April-May and September-October

These are the transition months, and the temperature during these months is moderate. During April-May, the winter is slowly turning into scorching summer. While in September-October, the summer heat starts to drop and leads the way for the winter season. Dubai Food Festival also began in April and is the best time for foodies. Accommodation charges are reasonable, and you can also get good discounts during this season.

Dubai during Ramadan

Dubai is open for visitors during the month of Ramadan, but you should be respectful of this event as no eating in public is allowed. Most shops and cafes are closed during the day, while outdoor activities are also limited or restricted. 

So, it's better to assess how much heat you can manage or what your preferences are regarding activities, budget, and festivals. Then decide accordingly which time of the year suits you the best so you can enjoy your tour to the fullest.  

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